Riverfront Spokane

A remarkable public space in the heart of downtown for generations of family, friends and visitors.

Campaign For Riverfront Spokane

No place tells the story of Spokane like Riverfront Park. That is why the Spokane Parks Foundation launched a philanthropic campaign to help add to the transformation of this park we love.

Riverfront Park is the Heart
of Our Community

Through the Campaign for Riverfront Spokane, the Spokane Parks Foundation is helping to add additional amenities to Riverfront Park, leaving a lasting legacy for Spokane residents and visitors.

Thanks to our generous donors, the Providence Playscape inclusive playground and the Hoopfest signature basketball complex were made possible. We continue to raise funds to build a dog park in Riverfront Park, providing a space for dogs to play and run while their owners enjoy the outdoors and socialize. As more and more people come to live and work at the center of the city, a dedicated place for people and their canine companions alike will boost the quality of life in downtown Spokane.

Finally, the Spokane Parks Foundation continues to raise funds for the Riverfront Park Fund for the Future. This permanent fund will provide for ongoing enhancements and accessible programs within the park, ensuring the investments we make in Riverfront Park today will benefit our community for years to come.

Gift Recognition Opportunities:

Looff Carrousel Animal

Adopt a Looff Carrousel Animal

56 animals available to adopt
$5,000 for a ten year adoption

  • Plaque placed on the wood deck below the animal stating “adopted by (donor name)”
Park Bench

Riverfront Park Bench

27 benches
$6,000 for the useful life of the bench

  • Donor’s name engraved on a plaque attached to the back or base of the bench
  • Two bench styles in the park
Promenade Paver

Riverfront Park Promenade Paver


  • Donor’s name etched in a 9″x9″ concrete paver
Fence Charm

Riverfront Park Fence Charm


  • Donor’s name etched on a unique stainless steel charm hanging from decorative fencing – to donate for a fence charm specifically, please visit www.givebutter.com/charms 
Spokane Parks Foundation Riverfront Park Night
Spokane Parks Foundation Riverfront Providence Playscape Music
Spokane Parks Foundation Riverfront Park Pavilion Charms

We Need Your Help

“If we do things right, we’ll have an even better gathering place where people can really connect. Young people, old people, people from all walks of life. We need that—that’s what makes a community healthy and strong.”
Lisa Cole Taylor
Campaign Honorary Co-Chair